race nights from wasp enterprizesRace Nights – Organising race nights for your company or even for charity, is a great way to both have side splitting fun and fund raise. Our race nights are not so typical, we dont run videos or film, but enact true races within your facility, so try something different, organise a race night !.

Race Nights are no the only thing we do, and our services address the age old problem – you’re trying to raise funds for your organisation, or just want a great night out with your friends. To do that that you need one crucial element – people. But how do you come up with something original enough to guarantee that people turn up up to make it a great night?

Over the last 20 years Wasp Enterprizes have built an enviable reputation for providing the entertainment to make the great night you are after!

Forget those tired old race nights with crackly videos and predictable commentaries, we use wooden horses and dice!

Or, how about your very own magician? Or a Caricaturist? These are some some of the entertainments we can provide to make your night go with a bang!

Just follow the links above and let us arrange a night with a difference!