Forget Films, Forget Videos – a New Concept for the New Millennium!

We use the audience instead of recordings – what a better way to ensure everyone enjoys themselves and as much money as possible is raised.

All we need to operate is approximately 13 metres x 6 metres of floor space, on here, using masking tape we lay out a track, which resembles an American football pitch. We have six wooden horses each one is a different colour, the game is then played by the rolling of two dice, one coloured, one numbered, the requisite horse moving the given number of squares, each horse is sold prior to the start of the race and 50% of the total take returned to the winning owner (or any such proportion that you decide) the other 50% being retained as profit.

There is also a tote run where coloured tickets are sold and 50% of the total take is distributed amongst the winning tickets holders, the other 50% retained as profit.